Process & Requirements: Enduring

Important Information and Deadlines

An enduring material (or home study activity) is an activity that endures over a specified time. These activities include print, audio, video, and Internet materials, such as monographs, podcasts, CD-ROMs, DVDs, archived webinars, as well as other web-based activities.

The accreditation application is the mechanism used to apply for CME credit and is required for all activities. Applications for enduring materials are due at least 60 days prior to the start/launch of the activity and submitted online.

Enduring Materials Accreditation at a Glance

60 Days prior to activity start date
  • Complete the educational planning process prior to submitting the application. (Please use the CME Planning Tool to guide you through this process)
  • CME activity application due
  • Disclosures are due from all persons involved in the activity planning and content development along with the accreditation application
4 weeks prior to activity release date
  • Final content ( activity materials) due for review
  • Post-test / outcomes assessment /evaluation due for review
  • Physician and Non-Physician certificate templates due for review
1 week prior to printing/distribution
  • Marketing materials (printed and digital)
1 week prior to start of activity
  • Letters of agreement for commercial support must be signed and fully executed
4 weeks after activity end date
  • Evaluation summaries and other outcomes data
  • Final Participant list (including number of credits claimed per participant, and total MD and non-MD participation)
  • Final copy of all marketing materials (print and digital)
  • Final copy of educational content (in its original format)
  • List of commercial supporters including amount and nature of support (fully executed copies of LOAs should be with CME office prior to start of activity)
  • Financial reconciliation due
July 21 of each year – status report
  • Participant numbers (MDs and non-MDs)
  • Financial status report

Educational Planning Process

CME activities sponsored by the UC San Diego School of Medicine are meant to foster the continuing professional development of physicians and other health care professionals. CME activities must address educational needs defined by at least one professional practice gap (the difference between current practice and optimal practice) with the intent of changing physician competence, performance and/or patient outcomes (as opposed to merely increasing knowledge). Effective design of a CME activity requires understanding of the professional practice gaps which need to be addressed, specific measurable learning objectives to bridge the gaps and meaningful evaluation to demonstrate the resulting practice improvements.

The planning cycle for all CME activities always begins with the educational planning process.

The majority of the accreditation application is focused on the educational planning process findings. We encourage you to use the Educational Planning Tool as a guide to perform the gap analysis/needs assessment and subsequent layers of program planning. It will allow you to walk through the steps involved and adequately prepare for the application submission process.

Accreditation Application

A CME activity application is the mechanism used to apply for CME credit and is required for all activities. UC San Diego CME utilizes a web-based system for the management of accreditation applications and associated data. The platform enables a streamlined process for application submission, committee review, reporting, and follow-up data submission.

The application is due 60 days prior to the projected release of the enduring material and is available online.

Note: in order to fill-out the application, the educational planning process (including the gap analysis/needs assessment) needs to be completed. Please use the Educational Planning Tool to help guide you through this process.

Additional Application Requirements

All persons involved in the planning and execution of the CME activity (including course directors, planners, speakers, medical writers, and other staff) must provide conflict of interest disclosure information within HighMarks. For enduring materials, all disclosures are due at the time of application. If faculty and/or staff are added to the program development process after the application has been submitted, those disclosures must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the release of the activity.

HighMarks allows for completion and updating of disclosure information online at any time. For administrator access, please contact

Other information required in order to complete the application are a detailed outline of the content to be covered and/or an actual copy of the activity materials, and a faculty list.

Pre-Activity Launch Requirements

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Annual Status Reporting

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Post-Activity Reporting

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