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Overcoming Obesity & Current Trends in Bariatric Surgery - AMG CME Lecture Series

Step Status
Starts On: 11/16/2021: 12:00 AM
Ends On: 12/31/2022: 11:45 PM
Type: Online Course
Credits: 2
Objectives: Dr. Danhua Xiao
Title: Overcoming Obesity
Learning objectives:
1. Define different categories of overweight/obesity and metabolic syndrome
2. Recognize the risk of obesity in relation to diabetes, hypertension, CVD, cancer and other diseases
3. Explore current obesity prevention and treatment guidelines, define roles of nutrition, exercise, medicine and surgery in management of obesity
4. Review the indications, contraindications, effects and side effects of FDA-approved weight loss medications
5. Identify other medical issues related with obesity, such as Vitamin D deficiency, sleep apnea, medications that may impact weight, etc.

Dr. Ashish Padnani:
Title: Current trends in bariatric surgery
Learning Objectives:
1. Review indications/contraindications of bariatric surgery
2. Discuss benefits of bariatric surgery
3. Review different bariatric surgery options
4. Discuss long-Term post-operative follow-up after bariatric surgery


Danhua Xiao, MD
Ashish Padnani, MD, Morristown Medical Center