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Women's Cardiovascular Health

Step Status
Starts On: 04/04/2022: 12:00 AM
Ends On: 12/31/2023: 11:45 PM
Type: Online Course
Credits: 1.5
Description: Individuals in control of content report no relevant financial relationship.
Objectives: :\Addressing pre-existing cardiovascular disease and heightened CV risk factors during pregnancy, with a focus on racial disparities in outcomes, with Dr. Claire Boccia Liang
After participation, the learner should be able to
1. Discuss current risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes
2. Discuss reasons why these risk factors disproportionately affect women of color
3. Discuss ways we can modify maternal CV risk

Upon completion of Addressing Disparities in Care in The Management of Hypertension, with Dr. Renee Bullock-Palmer, participants should be able to:
1. Outline the ethnic disparities in the prevalence of hypertension
2. Review of the disparities in the management of hypertension
3. Description of the appropriate management of hypertension in ethnic minority populations

Upon completion of Evaluating Disparities of Care When Using Statins and PCSK9 Inhibitors, with Dr. Robert Fishberg, participants should be able to:
    1. Review which racial and sex disparities persist in the treatment of Familial Hypercholesterolemia
    2. Review the effect of access to prescribed PCSK9 inhibitors on cardiovascular outcomes