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Prostate Cancer Treatments

Step Status
Starts On: 10/03/2022: 12:00 AM
Ends On: 12/31/2023: 11:45 PM
Type: Online Course
Credits: 1
Description: All individuals in control of content report no relevant financial relationship.
Objectives: After participation, the learner should better be able to:
Part One - Naeem Rahman, MD
1. Describe historical perspective of prostate surgery
2. Review the side effects related to prostatectomy
3. Describe and review which patients may derive benefit from surgery over other modalities
4. Review salvage surgery options, and in particular salvage cryoablation

Part Two - Kenneth Blank, MD
1. Describe treatment choices for men with prostate cancer by risk classification , age and medical comorbidities
2. Interpret radiotherapy treatment options for prostate cancer: IMRT, Brachytherapy (Seeds), Cyberknife (SBRT), Protons
3. Describe acute and late side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer
Contact Information: Naeem Rahman, MD
Atlantic Medical Group Urology

Kenneth Blank, MD
Atlantic Medical Group Radiation Oncology

Shannel Roberts
Project Manager, CMO / ACMO at Atlantic Medical Group