The Office of Continuing Medical Education has moved to CloudCME. Your account and transcript can be located at - https://etsu.cloud-cme.com/ . ETSU users will login via single sign on, all others please use the email address you created your HighMarks account with. Please contact The Office of CME if you have any questions or concerns! (423) 439-8081 or cmeadean@etsu.edu 
for the About Us first page - Role and Responsibilities – The CME Advisory Committee takes an active role in planning and guiding the Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) in future program ideas and assuring that proposed CME programs meet the primary goal of providing high quality educational opportunities for healthcare providers. Members set the direction and vision for the OCME and provide oversight to ensure it meets its mission while remaining compliant with ACCME Accreditation Criteria. CME Advisory Committee members serve as ambassadors for the OCME throughout ETSU and the