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CME Innovation Grants


Innovation Grants for Continuing Medical Education 

Proposal Submission for 2020 Funding

The Office of Continuing Medical Education and Lifelong Learning


We invite project proposals for grants to support innovation in Continuing Medical Education (CME). Successful project proposals will receive up to $25,000. Proposals can promote innovation in all aspects of Physician learning or training -  content, process, outcomes, or assessment.

Proposals are submitted via an online form with the opportunity to add additional supporting documentation.  

The deadline for submission is January 17, 2020.  

Awards will be announced and funds will be available by March 2, 2020.  


We are excited to invite project proposals to improve the delivery of relevant and effective Continuing Medical Education enhancing the professional development of physicians and the interprofessional teams in which they work. A broad range of proposals are invited, but preference will be given to projects that target the following:

Improved Delivery or Access to CME - for example, unique methods to increase collaborative learning (shared grand rounds with novel IT support), educational activities with affiliated or community physicians

Clinical Relevance - for example, education targeted to improve quality care or to address patient safety concerns or public health priorities. Activities focused on helping physicians achieve recent medical licensing requirements; medical ethics, pain or symptom control, and human trafficking

  • Educational Effectiveness  - for example, projects which explore new methods to measure the educational impact on patient care
  • Encouraging Interprofessional Learning and Team Training - for example, developing activities that encourage collaborative team training in medical simulation
  • Clinical Skill Enhancement -  projects that improve technical and/or procedural skills, including observed evaluation and formative feedback to the learner
  • Involvement of Physicians in Training in Educational Planning


Meritorious proposals will be funded up to $25,000. A maximum of two awards will be made to an individual faculty member within a grant cycle. Funding may be allocated to salaries and wages, fringe benefits, supplies and materials, and other relevant expenses.


Proposal Guidelines / Submission Content 

The proposal should be submitted via an online form including the following sections supported by a detailed budget and letter(s) of support (plus other relevant materials).


Activity Information 

  • Name of the CME activity.
  • Faculty lead(s): List the faculty organizing the activity with contact information and administrative contact.
  • Proposed date(s), location(s) of the activity, Target audience (List professional disciplines and specialties)

CME Activity Description

  • Briefly describe the objectives, format, and content of the proposed activity.  
  • Highlight aspects of the activity that address the additional scope priorities (outlined above)



  • What makes your idea different?
  • Describe the innovative and/or novel aspects of the CME activity with respect to existing or standard practice.



  • It is important that the educational impact of your innovative approach is measurable.
  • Describe the methods that will be used to measure the impact.



  • State the amount of funding requested.
  • Describe how additional funding will be sought to ensure the activity will endure (for instance, departmental support when the value of the activity is demonstrated).
  • Attach a detailed budget of all expenses related to the development and production of the activity, including any expected cost-sharing.


To the extent possible, separate:

  • the revenues and expenses
  • the incremental expenses associated with innovations (including data collection and analysis) beyond usual expenses for the activity
  • If a similar CME activity has occurred in the past, append a financial statement for that activity to demonstrate the basis for budgeting.

Letters of Support


Please provide a letter of support from your Department Chair, Division Chief, Ambulatory Care Unit Chief, or Center Director. Other letters of support may be provided at the discretion of the applicant.


Application Reviewers 

  • David Healy, MD, Assistant Dean for CME and Lifelong Learning
  • Joseph Kolars, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Health
  • R. Van Harrison, PhD, Professor, Department of Learning Health Science 
  • Caren Stalburg, MD, Director of the Division of Professional Health Sciences; Department of Learning Health Sciences


Requirements at the Conclusion of the Funded Activity


Final documentation should be submitted to Brandie Ekpiken, 734-647-5805.


Within 90 days following the conclusion of the funded activity, submit: 

  • An activity report summarizing
  • The activity and innovations that were performed.
  • Outcomes of the activity (measurables).
  • Impact of the innovation(s).
  • A final financial statement with full expenditures. 


Any unused funds should be returned within 90 days. 


Contact Us


Please direct any administrative questions to: Brandie Ekpiken, 734-647-5805. 

For other questions, contact: David Healy, MD, Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education