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Activity Close Out

The Activity Close Out must be completed within 30 days of the end of an activity, series, or enduring material completion to assess activity performance and to fulfill CME requirements. If reports are not received in a timely manner, credit for future courses will not be awarded.

For most activities, where MiCME is used for financial relationship mitigation, web page generation, registration and payment processing, the need for additional documentation upload / submission will be minimal. If a department decides to generate and use their own documentation, these must be uploaded as part of the Activity Close Out.

Within 30 days of the activity, the Office of CME and Lifelong Learning must receive the following:

  • Information regarding revenue generated by the activity.
  • Evaluations and assessments, including pre and post-tests provided to participants outside of MiCME. 
  • Example of final course materials, such as brochures, flyers, invitation emails.

Further documentation is required for activities that are jointly provided, commercially supported, or offer additional types of credit (i.e., maintenance of certification):

  • A final budget for the course, outlining revenue and expenses, including how commercial funds were spent.
  • The final promotional materials (brochures, flyers, emails, invitation letters, etc.) if not already submitted.
  • Commercial support information shared with participants before the activity, if received.

*Any infomation containing the required information about financial relationships, commercial support, and the CME accreditation and credit statement.*

How to Complete an Activity Close Out