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Funded Innovation Awards in 2020

The MENTOR Series Mobile Application – Teacher Training in the Palm of Your Hand 

"The Medical Educators Novel Teaching On-demand Resource (MENTOR) Series is a searchable central repository of best teaching practices in medical education currently under production. Its content will primarily be in the format of brief videos (~5min) and summary infographics. By placing this resource within a freely available mobile application, it will allow faculty to hone or refresh their teaching skills when they need it most (like right before giving feedback to a learner, delivering grand rounds, or leading a team). Its intentional on-demand structure consisting of concise, digestible bites will also promote convenient learning from any location. We anticipate the MENTOR Series will be available in part by mid-2020 and in entirety in early 2021." 

Investigators: Daniel Cronin, MD, Laura Denton, Michelle Daniel, MD, MHPE, Seetha Monrad, MD, Gurjit Sandhu, PhD, Vineet Chopra, MD, Robert Dickson, MD, Rana Kaebeer, MD, Amit Gupta, MD, Nathan Houchens, MD, Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH, Jakob McSparron, MD, Sybil Biermann, MD, Michael Englesbe,MD, Jacob Mack, MD, Patricia Mullan, PhD.


Medical and Behavioral Health Clinicians Collaborate to Deepen Trauma‐Informed Practices with Adolescent Patients 

Trauma-informed practices are making their way into the medical field, but more attention to this issue is crucial. Many clinicians are examining their own practices – both institutional and individual – to identify ways they can create environments where their patients can be comfortable, trust their providers and medical staff, and feel secure visiting their medical homes. U-M’s Adolescent Health Initiative is hosting an innovative, day-long CME course in Southeast Michigan in Fall 2020, where a multi-disciplinary audience will convene to translate research into practice. Concrete strategies will help health care professionals in all roles strengthen their current practices. The event will be simulcast, and an electronic activity and discussion guide will engage remote teams.

Investigators: Terrill Bravender, MDJennifer Lane, Ellen Wagner.


Video editing for quality improvement and technical skill training: A video is worth a thousand Powerpoints 

Operative case video is a valuable tool for education, quality improvement, and research. Despite this, the utilization of case video in continuing medical education is very low. This educational activity will seek to address this need, by providing hands-on instruction in video recording, editing, and presentation for all healthcare providers and researchers.


Investigators: Laura Mazer, MD, Jakob McSparron, Allison Schulman

Bridging the Gaps: Incorporating Religion and Spirituality in Whole Person Care 

Patient-centered care depends on the provider’s ability to effectively communicate with patients regarding the values and beliefs that are important in their lives. For many patients and families, spirituality is not only a central part of their lives, it is a significant factor in their ability to find comfort and healing when undergoing medical treatment. This half-day CME course titled “Bridging the Gaps: Incorporating Religion and Spirituality in Whole Person Care” is relevant to those interested in holistic, patient-centered care by enhancing their understanding of the role of religion and spirituality in the lives of patients, learners, and self.  During this CME activity, participants will have the opportunity to gather together to review how to attend to the spiritual and religious needs of the patients for whom they care. This course will run on Friday, October 30th from 7:30-12 at the Inn at St John’s. Please join us!

Investigators: Kristin Collier, MD, FACP, Jeremy Baruch, MD

*All CME credit designation fees are waived (billed to MSA) for grant winners.*