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Faculty Planning Guide for Maintenance of Certification Part 2 Credit

UPDATE: Member board information regarding the impact of COVID-1 on continuing certification programs

The American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS) allows accredited CME providers to assign maintenance of certification (MOC) points to CME activities that meet additional board-specific requirements for MOC Part 2.

The Office of CME and Lifelong Learning supports Maintenance of Certification by:

  • Helping Educational Planners understand and implement requirements for MOC
  • Hosting and developing assessments for participants (essential for some boards)
  • Awarding and reporting MOC credit earned by participants to ABMS-member boards

The information in this section is provided as an overview. Requirements vary widely by Board; please check with the specific board regarding updated requirements. The Office of CME and Lifelong Learning is here to help and maintains a list of current requirements.

Applying for Additional MOC Credit During the CME Application

Maintenance of Certification Part 2 credit for CME activities is currently available through our office for the following boards:

  • American Board of Anesthesiology
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Pediatrics

Credit for additional boards is currently under consideration, as they join the reporting program. Educational planners must read the MOC component of the Planning Guide and ensure their activity meets all requirements specific to their board. They must indicate their intent to offer additional MOC credit during the application for CME credit.

MOC Educational Content Requirements

Educational content must be relevant to physicians certified by the specialty board. As with any CME activity, it should be planned to be fair, balanced, and free of commercial bias. Typically, the educational planner can attest that the activity meets the requirements of each board. However, some boards require educational content to undergo additional peer review before approval.

MOC Credit May Require Additional Assessments and Feedback to Participants

All activities approved for CME credit must, at a minimum, offer the standard CME post-activity evaluation. Individual boards have variable requirements around assessment and the level and method of feedback they are provided following the assessment. If required, this assessment can be hosted and administered by MiCME through a standard post-test.

Assessment and feedback requirements for each board (in order of complexity):

Automatic Reporting of MOC Credit Through MiCME

MOC credit can be reported directly to boards on behalf of faculty through MiCME. To enable this function faculty must consent and add their boards identifying information (eg. boards number) to their MiCME account.

Additional Documents May Be Required During the Activity Close-out Process for MOC Credit

If additional promotional materials were used (in addition to the that generated by MiCME) these must be uploaded during activity close-out. Other materials may be required on a board by board basis such as:

  • A copy of the evaluation or assessment used by participants and a summary of the results (if not performed through MiCME)
  • A copy or summary of the feedback provided to participants (if required - and not hosted through MiCME)
  • A list of participants who successfully completed the activity to the satisfaction of the Educational Planner
  • Any other information required by individual Boards (e.g., patient safety information)