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Enduring Material Planning Timeline

(e.g., web-based activities, archived webinars, monographs, podcasts, CD-ROMs, DVDs)

What is an Enduring Material?

A printed, recorded, or computer-presented CME activity that may be used over time at various locations and which, in itself, constitutes a planned activity.

Special considerations when applying for CME credit for an enduring material:

  • Enduring Materials must provide access to appropriate bibliographic references to allow for additional study.

Note: This page can be printed and used as a checklist throughout the planning process.

Consult with Office of CME & Lifelong Learning: 10 Months Prior

Initial consultation and assessment to determine if the activity aligns with departmental and institutional priorities, and that sufficient time is available for planning, approval, and promotion.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner OCME&LL
Identify Educational Planner Participate in consultation with Educational Planner
Review activity timeline   
Review Planning Guide   
Read Developing Test Questions for Learner Assessment used in Enduring Material CME Activities   
Read Designing a CME Presentation that Effectively Translates New Knowledge into Practice   
Determine if other credits will be offered   
Consult with Department Chair for pre-approval and financial resources   

Activity Pre-Planning: 8 months prior

Allocate resources to the activity.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner OCME&LL
Identify a Co-planner and/or Planning Committee   
Review the Mitigating Commercial Bias process   
If the Educational Planner has any financial relationships, the OCME-LL Financial Relationship Mitigator will be notified   
Establish conference date and venue   

Submit Application for Credit: 6 months prior

The application facilitates and documents the planning process.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner OCME&LL
Identify current problems in practice, underlying educational needs, and learning objectives Confirm receipt of application
Develop educational content   
If jointly provided with another organization, develop budget   
Collect information on financial relationships   
Develop a method for evaluating the activity   
Establish a marketing plan and create promotional materials   
Submit CME application   

Activity Approval and Marketing: 4 months prior

OCME&LL staff reviews and approves the CME application.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner / Activity Coordinator OCME&LL
Create activity web page Begin review of application within 2 business days of submission
Distribute promotional materials to target audience Review and approve all promotional materials (print or electronic) prior to distribution
   Upload content to MiCME™ as needed

Final Preparation and Release: 1 month - Release

Final logistical arrangements are made.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner / Activity Coordinator OCME&LL

Develop evaluation mechanism

Ensure all relevant financial relationships have been successfully managed

Post Session: Within 30 days of Expiration

Post-session documentation is submitted to OCME&LL within 30 days of the activity expiration date.

NOTE: If satisfactory documentation is not received by OCME&LL, future CME credit will not be awarded.

Key tasks include:

Educational Planner OCME&LL
Review content for currency and accuracy, if credit extension is desired Review final post-activity reports
If jointly provided, finalize budget Extend credit, as appropriate
Debrief with co-planners to discuss lessons learned and future plans Invoice for CME fees, if applicable
Complete all post-activity reporting