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Operational Issues for Enduring Materials

Some common operational issues for enduring materials are noted below. Operational decisions for an individual enduring material are based on the specific plans for and circumstances of that activity.

Providing and Utilizing an Enduring Material

Methods must be planned and developed for:

  • Prospective learners to become aware of the activity (marketing)
  • Interested learners to access to the enduring material
  • Learner assessment and checking for minimum performance
  • Activity evaluation
  • Providing certificates, recording individual participation, and maintaining a record of participation

Monitor the Enduring Material

Procedures should be in place periodically to:

  • Check evaluations to be aware of important feedback that might result in altering the activity
  • Monitor developments in the relevant field that might result in altering or withdrawing the activity

Periodic Reporting to OCME&LL

Procedures should be in place to report:

  • Individual participation, noting physicians and non-physicians (annually or more frequently)
  • Summary evaluation information (over the period for which credit is designated or more frequently)
  • Summary financial information including revenue (specifying in-kind support, commercial advertising revenue, and revenue from all other sources) and total expenses (once, usually shortly after the enduring material is released and expenses are known)

MiCME has built-in capabilities to help planners with knowledge tests & scoring, activity evaluation, registration, certificates, and participation records. For more information, please contact our office.