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What is Good CME?

1. It is Valuable

  1. It should address a well-defined need, for instance, it could be designed:
    1. after reviewing patient safety reports
    2. following discussion with a departmental quality improvement or patient safety lead
  2. To address an important local public health priority
  3. To help physicians satisfy state medical licensing requirements
  4. It should help more patients experience the superb care available at Michigan Medicine by sharing expertise and techniques with community physicians and others.

2. It is Appropriate

  1. After identifying an important professional practice gap, the chosen educational method should precisely address the educational need (eg. high fidelity simulation may be the best method to teach a new medical procedure)

3. It is Impactful

  1. The clinical impact of the educational activity should be measurable
    1. a change in clinical practice or physician performance (eg. post activity testing or observation in the clinical environment)?
    2. a change in patient outcomes (eg. an improvement in patient HbA1C measures after attending an update in diabetes management activity)

4. It is Innovative

  1. The activity could use a novel educational technique, new to Michigan Medicine that could change the way we educate and share information. (For instance, the systematic use of social media to encourage post-activity discussion to help the education "stick”)

5. It can be Shared

  1. After trying a new method to teach a new approach then demonstrating a positive impact, can we share this information with others? This could be by a peer-reviewed publication, a podcast, a youtube video, or tweet.