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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we provide patient care. Our system’s response to this challenge has been impressive in its speed and degree of coordination. Our faculty and other professionals have already developed multiple new processes and training materials in support of our combined effort to provide exemplary care under new and challenging circumstances. Remarkable collaboration has occurred between individuals and departments as we respond to unique training needs. 

The Office of CME and Lifelong Learning would like to help you coordinate this work with other groups and institutional resources.  We want you and your educational leads to be able to access additional institutional expertise and resources (through our colleagues in HITS) to help produce and host new training materials.  Please contact the office with any training needs specific to the coronavirus (COVID-19) response. We can work with you to help provide the expertise to help meet your requirements. 

New services on offer:

  1. Provide help to plan, produce, and host training materials (seeking CME credit designation or otherwise).  Enabling collaboration through the training group in HITS as appropriate.
  2. Provide information regarding any existing training materials addressing coronavirus COVID-19 (or those under development) to help utilize or modify these materials, and coordinate with leads in other departments and groups. 
  3. Offer expedited CME credit designation for any educational activity designed to combat the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the conversion of any existing activity into an online format (if possible).
  4. Credit claim reporting to ensure compliance with the completion of specific activities (including help designing post-tests as appropriate). 

As a reminder, all participants can claim CME credit for attending a live-streamed educational activity (eg. via BlueJeans) that was previously approved for live in-person CME credit if the requirements for credit claiming are met. 

David Healy, MD
Assistant Dean for CME and Lifelong Learning, Michigan Medicine