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Educational Priorities

Each year the Office of CME and Lifelong Learning shares a set of educational priorities with our learners and educational planners. These priorities align with our institution's strategic plan for medical education and national priorities in Continuing Medical Education and clinical care.

Our priorities for 2019 through 2020 are to encourage educational activities that:

  1. Use the healthcare team as educational planners and content presenters to develop interprofessional CME activities
  2. Employ Individual Development Plans to guide learning and development
  3. Use the resources of Michigan Medicine's RISE Initiative (Research Innovation Scholarship Education) to try new ways to deliver CME
  4. Teach participants to use practice data to improve the quality of clinical care and patient safety (e.g., QA projects, MOC Part 4)
  5. Optimize the technical and procedural skills of learners (e.g., medical simulation)
  6. Use follow-up strategies to reinforce learning (e.g., follow up emails, post-test feedback)