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School of Population Health Grand Rounds

New Guyton Library
January 27 - December 31, 2020

Activity Coordinator/Nurse Planner(s)

Brea Cole, BS, Preventive Medicine
Nicholas Jackson, BA, Preventive Medicine

Activity Director/Primary Nurse Planner(s)

joshua mann, MD, Preventive Medicine
P. Renee Williams, PhD, RN, CCE, UMMC School of Nursing

Planning Committee Member(s)

Debbie Konkle-Parker, FNP, PhD, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Pia Kirk, DDS, School of Dentistry
Natalie Gaughf, PhD, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Angie Garner, PhD, Dental Hygiene
Sondra Redmont, MSW, UMMC Office of Well-being