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PI CME Planning Timeline

What is a Performance Improvement Activity?

A CME activity by which evidence-based performance measures and quality improvement (QI) interventions are used to help physicians identify patient care areas for improvement and change their performance.

Special considerations when applying for CME credit for performance improvement projects:

  • Applications must be submitted and approved before physicians begin their review of current/baseline data.
  • Drafts of the PI CME Project Preliminary Worksheet, Enrollment Email Memo, and the Enrollment Email Form must be submitted with the application.
  • Physicians who complete a project with one PDSA (plan-do-study-act) cycle will receive 20 AMA PRA Category 1 credits, or 30 AMA PRA Category 1 credits for completing a project with two PDSA cycles.
  • PI CME credit may also be offered in conjunction with an a quality improvement project approved by the Quality Department for MOC Part IV.

Note: This page can be printed and used as a checklist throughout the planning process.

Consult with Office of CME & Lifelong Learning: 4 Months Prior

Initial consultation and assessment to determine if the activity aligns with departmental and institutional priorities, and that sufficient time is available for planning, approval, and promotion.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead OCME&LL
Review requirements for obtaining performance improvement credit for a CME activity Participate in consultation with Project Lead
Review requirements for designing a quality improvement (QI) intervention   
Determine if other credits will be offered   
Identify an appropriate project   
Identify Project Co-Leads   
Consult with Department Chair for pre-approval and financial resources   

Application Submission: 2 Months Prior

The application facilitates and documents the planning process.

NOTE: The CME application must be submitted and approved by OCME before physicians participate in their initial review and analysis of data.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead OCME&LL
Complete the Preliminary Worksheet for a PI CME Activity Begin review of application within 2 business days of submission
Develop a draft of the Enrollment Memo

Ensure all financial relationships have been mitigated

Complete the CME application   

Participants Enroll: 1 Month Prior

Participants formally enroll in the project.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead / Activity Coordinator OCME&LL
Distribute Enrollment information to recruit participants to formally enroll in the project Prepare Email Memo and Enrollment Form for Project Lead to distribute

Project Initiation

Physicians begin their initial review of data in at least one performance improvement cycle.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead OCME&LL
Monitor project; address participant questions/concerns   

Report Submission & Review: 1 Month After

Project-level reports are prepared.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead OCME&LL
Submit the completed Report on a PI CME Activity Review the completed Report on a PI CME Activity

Participant Attestations & Awarding of Credit: Upon Report Approval

Performance Improvement CME credit is awared to participants.

Key tasks include:

Project Lead OCME&LL
Distributes Attestation Form to participants Provide Attestation Forms to Project Lead for distribution to participants
   Award PI CME credit to participants who complete and return the attestation form