Thank you for agreeing to be a faculty member/speaker/teacher for one of our certified continuing education courses.

On the left hand tab, you will find tools and resources to help you be compliant with Accreditation Guidelines and California laws governing CE.  

Please visit the Planning Team tab on this website for more specific resources and tools that will help guide you in the development of your presentation/curriculum.

The mission of the Office of Continuing Professional Development and Outcomes is to align our continuing education activities to the vision, strategy, mission and values of the organization. To view our mission statement Click here

Two of our top priorities are to align our educational activities with quality and safety initiatives (JA Criterions 23,24, & 25) and to include a patient family partner as part of our planning team and as speakers (JA Criterion 13).  To learn more about the specific criterion that governs continuing education click here

Note that the Joint Accreditation and the State of California have very specific criteria that have to be met including:

  • Determine what changes you want the members of the healthcare to make in their practice as a result of the learning and have a mechanism to measure the change.
  • Identify how you know you need the education.  What data was consulted?  Who requested the information and why? Were there any changes to the law or industry guideline?  Are there organizational processes that are changing? 
  • Who is your target audience?  Do you have the voice of one member of each of the target audience as part of your planning process? The accreditation standards require that there is representation from each member of your target audience as part of the planning process (JA Criterion 6)
  • What active learning strategies do you plan to incorporate into your activity?  This is a core requirement from our accrediting body (JA Criterion 7).  Didactic and Q&A are no longer acceptable methods for delivery of Certified Continuing Education.  (Please see the planning team tab for tools and resources) - click here
  • The State of California has implemented laws that govern curriculum for certified continuing education.  These are outlined for you on the Planning Tab on this website click here
  • Dignity Health is committed to incorporating the voice of the Patient Family Partner into our certified continuing education as planning team members and speakers (JA Criterion 13).  

Please feel free to email to learn more about how to plan and develop your curriculum for certified continuing education.