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The mission of the UMMC Division of Continuing Health Professional Education (CHPE) program is to be an advocate for and a provider of continuing education that support a broad scope of life-long learning experiences. UMMC CHPE provides and facilitates diverse educational activities that are designed to promote change; improve learner knowledge and skills; and enhance behaviors and professional competence and /or performance to ultimately improve quality health care and the well-being of our community.

The overall goals of Continuing Health Professional Education at UMMC are to:

  • Develop and provide high quality, evidence-based, life-long learning experiences for health care professions in a cost-effective manner;

  • Provide activities identified by proven professional practice gaps and needs of health care providers to maintain competence in their chosen area of health care practice; 

  • Deliver activities designed to advance physician competence, enhance practice performance, promote patient safety, interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism and, where possible, improve patient outcomes based on scope of practice;

  • Present activities which will ultimately lead to a healthier Mississippi and aid in the elimination of health disparities;  

  • Provide activities for all physician disciplines and other health care providers including dentists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and allied health care professionals at the local, state, regional and national level;

  • Encourage multidisciplinary activities to provide knowledge and practice for all members of the health care team.

The Division of the UMMC Continuing Health Professional Education (CHPE) supports the UMMC mission and vision through the diverse offerings and broad scope of life-long learning experiences provided.