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Pediatric COVID-19 Update eLearning (Sept. 3, 2020 session)

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Starts On: 09/03/2020: 4:30 PM EDT
Ends On: 12/31/2020: 11:45 PM EST
Type: Enduring Material (eLearning)
Location: Webex
Credits: 1
Objectives: 1. Facilitate early recognition, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of COVID-19 in children.
2. Review with the manifestations of COVID-19 in children which will require close monitoring and quick escalation of medical treatment.
3. Recognize when to initiate transfer of the sick child with COVID-19 infection or sequalae of infection to a tertiary care center.
4. Review current COVID-19 transmission dynamics in MS.
5. Review tenets of COVID-19 testing (in context of sports and school returns).
6. Review presentation of COVID-19 in children.
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Charlotte Hobbs, MD, Pediatrics
Padma Garg, MD, MBBS, Pediatrics