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Commercial exhibits are permitted at all local, regional, and national CME activities provided by the University of Michigan Medical School* under the following conditions:

  • The activity is held off-campus (i.e., not on University of Michigan owned or leased properties). Exhibits are also allowed on the campuses of our affiliates, currently MidMichigan and MetroHealth.
  • The exhibit area is kept separate from the space where the educational sessions are held (attendees cannot be forced to walk through the exibits to arrive at the educational space).
  • Industry representatives cannot engage in sales or promotional activities while in the space or place of the educational activity.
  • Associated advertisements or promotional materials cannot be displayed or distributed in the educational space immediately before, during, or after an educational activity.
  • Arrangements for commercial exhibits or advertisements cannot influence planning or interfere with presentations, nor can they be a condition of the provision of commercial support (e.g., an educational grant).
  • All ACCME standards for managing promotional activities are followed.
  • The Michigan Medicine Vendor Policy and UM Procurement SPG are followed.

Exhibit fees:

Written Gift Agreements (Letters of Agreements) are not required in support of exhibits. This contrasts with the requirements for commercial support which always require a Written Gift Agreement (a Letter of Agreement). Commercial exhibits are considered associated promotion and all arrangements (including payment receipt and processing) are made between the commercial entity (industry sponsor) and the Educational Provider (e.g. a department in the Medical School). 

Please note: The MiCME registration feature should not be used to collect revenue from exhibitors for departments. However, the total dollar amount of exhibit revenue must be reported as part of the Activity Close Out process, and no other documentation is required by the Office of CME and Lifelong Learning.

*Per Medical School Industry Funding for Professional and Continuing Education Policy, revised September 2019.