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Learning Objectives

Writing Learning Objectives

Once practice gaps, educational needs and the program content have been identified, the next step is to draft the learning objectives for the activity. Effective learning objectives clearly communicate what knowledge learners will gain upon completing the activity. Objectives complete the statement: 

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

It is critical that objectives be measurable. Objectives should begin with a measurable verb (see table below). Verbs such as: learn, know, understand, appreciate, comprehend, think, and improve should be avoided as they are not easily measured.

Example of Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify novel approaches to the diagnosis of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and the appropriate usage of these emerging technologies
  • Discuss the current challenges of managing invasive bladder cancer, particularly in elder patients, those with locally advanced tumors, and those who refuse surgical therapy
  • Discuss the optimal utilization of specific treatments for bladder cancer
  • Counsel patients regarding the changes in quality of life that accompany bladder cancer treatment
  • Identify appropriate candidates for robotic radical cystectomy